Proven leader, Mike Kozlowski needs your vote this November for Folsom City Council

Help Elect candidate Mike Kozlowski 4 Folsom City Council


Sacramento Bee

The Bee's editorial staff, recognize that Mike is a clear choice for Folsom who will lead with a pro-business, reasonable voice.   Read the full article at: 

Public Safety

Mike has been endorsed by the Folsom Police Officers Association and the Firefighters Union, along with former Sacramento County Sheriff and Folsom resident, John McGinness

Folsom Leaders

Mike is endorsed by Former Folsom Mayors, Eric King, Bob Holderness and Andy Morin, along with the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, the Sacramento Realtors Association, RegionBusiness and the SacMetro Chamber. 

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Vote Now

You should have received a ballot, and can complete it and return it now. 

If you have not gotten a ballot in the mail check your registration with the county before October 22nd.

You can always go to a polling place on election day to drop off your mail-in-ballot or to vote in person....make sure you know where the polling places are since they changed this year.   For full voter information go to:

Hear it from the horse's mouth

Contact me at 916-458-2643, text or call, facebook messanger or at to get your specific questions answered about my plans, goals and philosophy. If I have not made it clear before, I have a pretty simple outlook...lets not spend too much, lets stay focused on public safety first, and lets do things now to reduce traffic congestion.  

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The Platform

Trusted Leader

Mike has been part of Folsom for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place, by leading the way for better schools and youth sports programs

All Ears

Mike knows the value of listening. The City Council in Folsom needs to listen. Please share your good ideas on how Folsom can be even better.

More paddles needed

Mike can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Stuck in Traffic

My Plan to reduce travel times in and around Folsom

Many will try and dismiss our traffic as "nothing compared to LA, SF, Chicago, Watt Ave" this is a false test. Some will say "it's only a for a short time". Some will even say this is a wealth problem.  All of these arguments may be true , but who cares? 

Folsom is special, its better, and we get to set our own standards. Lets set them high, not compete for least-worst. 

If elected I will be looking to address six key locations first. 

1. Iron Pt/E. Bidwell/US50: The solutions here need to include already planned changes to allowed turning motions, signal timing and lane spacing....and some additional trvel routes getting completed.

2. Folsom Blvd signals: New intelligent signal equipment is needed sooner rather than later to achieve better flow and coordination with Rail gates. This will help with traffic from Granite Bay to US50

3. Sutter Middle School intersections. Six traffic intersection happen at Sutter Middle school, the main one where East Bidwell meets Riley needs to be completed, then each of the remaining intersections need revisions to their pedestrian crossings and signage. 

4. Oak Ave at Folsom-Auburn Road. Widening of Oak is needed to make this intersection function fully. Right now, large vehicles heading south can't turn right, and are forced down to Greenback, which adds congestion on that path also.

5. Oak Ave at E Bidwell: reassignment of turn lanes to allow more traffic to flow on certain turn movements will help a ton. 

6. Complete Saratoga Way connection from El Dorado Hills into Empire Ranch.  This road when complete will act as a relief valve for Iron Pt, by allowing traffic to head directly uphill from empire ranch and enter freeway at El Dorado Hills Blvd.

US 50 / East Bidwell

We also need to stay focused on the longer term solutions to traffic congestion at US 50, East Bidwell and Iron Point. Adding Freeway entrances at Oak Ave and Empire Ranch Road. These will take a lot of money. A significant part is already coming in as fees on houses south of 50, the city, state and federal gov all have a role to play financially and will take a longer time to achieve. 

**Great Idea from a Voter like you!**

It was suggested to me that we should find a way to make protected bike lanes along the travel paths to Sutter MS and  Folsom MS.  I whole-heartedly agree and if elected will look at this right away.  

Share your ideas

Folsom TV Interview

Huge thank you to Lucille's Coffee and Folsom TV for hosting this interview.  Adam Frick asks lots of questions on the mind of voters including water, traffic, homelessness and what the future holds for Folsom. This interview gives a great idea of where Mike's coming from. 


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